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Verbandstag 2017 | drinktec

Wir laden Sie herzlich zum 110. "kleinen" ZDM-Verbandstag ein, der in diesem Jahr vom 14. - 15. September 2017 zum 2. Mal in München auf der Messe drinktec stattfindet.

Am 14.09.2017 wird im Rahmen des ZDM Verbandstages die Internationale AEDIL-Konferenz "Research in to Work Based Learning (WBL)" von 11 - 16 Uhr im ICM | Saal 4 stattfinden.

Die Konferenz ist ein Teil des EU-geförderten Projektes "Mapping skills needs and supply in the dairy sector". Weitere Informationen zum Projekt finden Sie auf der AEDIL-Homepage:


AEDIL conference on trade fair drinktec about „Research in to Work Based Learning (WBL)“ for EU-project: Mapping skills needs and supply in the dairy sector


The Association of European Dairy Industry Learning (AEDIL) is a European network of key dairy stakeholders.  These include dairy schools, dairy universities, dairy companies and associations. AEDIL was granted an EU wide dairy skills project analyzing the skills needs and gaps, now and the future, for the dairy industry. The Project is led by an EU wide partnership and is composed of four major stages:


1. development of a framework for research of skills needs and supply

    in the dairy sector;

2. research

3. analysis of the data

4. recommendations on how to close the gaps and even out mismatches.


  • The expected impact on dairy schools and universities - upgrade and improve their curriculum.


  • The expected impact on dairy enterprises - know which educational institutions in Europe that educate graduates with the skills they need.


As part of the initial stages AEDIL will need to understand ‘delivery mechanisms’ where one such method, Work Based Learning (WBL), will be examined.  Drinktec 2017, in Munich, will provide an outstanding venue with many key stakeholders present which will be invited to a Work Based learning short conference.  There will be expert speakers and case studies of best practice. The aim of this small conference is to gather best practice and understand where the good and bad parts of WBL exist and make sure AEDIL’s project delivers an exceptional and achievable list of recommendations by November 2019.


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